Blume Baby Pop Review

Blume Baby Pop Review

Why We Love It

  • 25 surprises
  • up to 5 babies in each playset
  • 50 Blume Babies to collect

ages   5 - 10 Years

dig in and find lots of super cute fun!

Look what’s popping up in the Blume garden: Blume Baby Pop with 25 surprises! There are five sprouts inside the planter box. Pull them out, hear them POP, and open them up to discover cute little babies and accessories. There’s a surprise under every sprout including a chocolate bar, a toy, brush and more. Each set has either 3, 4 or 5 babies to pop! There are 50 babies to collect, each with a super cute and different hairdo. Their adorable little faces show one of six different moods. Check the collector’s guide to see if baby is curious, dreamy, crying, winky, happy or poopy. The collector’s guide also shows every adorable, rare and super rare baby and gives space to write down each baby’s name.

But the surprises don’t stop there! Remove the swaddles and place the babies in ice cold water for a gender reveal with the color-change diapers. Then, turn the flower planter into a playset! The lid becomes a jumbo swimming pool with ladder and slide, and in the bottom, there’s a secret nursery decorated in one of five themes. Use the sticker sheet to decorate it even more. Open up the gift box to check out the collectible baby gift. There are five to collect! And there’s an animal-themed costume onesie underneath the baby bed. Collect all 12!

The babies need BFFs, so check under the bathtub for three Snuggle Buddies. There are 10 animal styles and each comes in seven different colors. That’s a lot of buddies! Once you pop, the surprises don’t stop, and there’s going to be so much creative play and storytelling with these cute little babies. Kids will love all the surprises and collecting even more baby Blumes to grow their gardens.

25 surprises revealed in each playset

25 surprises in each playset

Pull each plant and hear a “POP” as they reveal surprises like Blume Babies and accessories. They’re guaranteed to get at least three Blume Babies, but can get up to five! Pull the bottom down to reveal a nursery with even more surprises!
50 Blume babies to collect

50 Blume Babies to collect

The cute and adorable Blume Babies they get can be adorable, rare or super rare. There’s even more to collect, like 12 animal-themed onesies, 10 snuggle buddies that come in seven different colors and more!