Blume Dolls Surprise Pack Review

Blume Dolls Surprise Pack Review

Why We Love It

  • 22 dolls to collect in series one
  • 10 surprises with each doll
  • Mix & match accessories & outfits

ages   4 - 9 years

watch their smiles blossom

Fun is always in season with the Blume dolls! Each collectible doll is hidden inside a flowerpot, and just water to watch them grow. Their big hairstyles pop out first and look like gems and rainbows! It’s so squishy and soft! But that’s only one of the 10 surprises. Once you take the doll out and open up the flowerpot, you’ll see that the interior of the pot is blooming with accessories, mix and match outfits, cute little friend and pet figures, and so much more. You can even use the flowerpot as a play scene for the dolls. There are 22 dolls to collect in series one. Will you sprout an adorable, rare, super rare, or mystical Blume doll? You’ll want to grow as many as you can because the more dolls you collect, the more you can customize! The dolls can share fashions AND hairstyles! Dress them up, mix and match the hair, and create all sorts of imaginative stories with them!

sprinkle water on top

pop-up fun

These adorable dolls really sprout from their pots. Just sprinkle a little water on top and watch their bright hair pop up, ready for play!
create unique dolls

swappable hair and accessories

With 22 Blume dolls to collect, there are a lot of ways to play. Each comes with their own fashion and hair, and they can be swapped between dolls! They can create their own unique Blume dolls, give them style updates or new hairdos with play that grows with their collection!