Little Live Cozy Dozys – Cubbles the Bear Review

Little Live Cozy Dozys – Cubbles the Bear Review

Why We Love It

  • More than 25 sounds and reactions
  • Responds to their touch!
  • Great for play time or bed time

ages   4 - 6 years

it’s bedtime for the cutest baby bear ever!

Help soothe Little Live Pets Cozy Dozys Cubbles the Bear, an interactive stuffed animal with more than 25 sounds and reactions. What can he do? SO much! Pet his head, tickle his tummy or give Cubbles his pacifier to see and hear a variety of movements and sounds. Wrapping the bear in his soft blanket makes him feel sleepy. Watch Cubbles close his eyes, suck on his pacifier and drift off to sleep. Little kids will love this playful stuffed animal that engages them in nurturing roleplay. Whether it’s playtime or bedtime, the Little Live Pets Cozy Dozys Cubbles is the perfect soothing pal for little ones.

tickling Cubbles

soft and cuddly

Play, tickle or snooze with the super soft and adorable Cubbles the Bear. Whether they’re telling him their favorite bedtime story or giving him his pacifier, they’ll have a cuddle buddy perfect for sweet dreams.
Cubbles goes to sleep

responds and falls asleep

Give Cubbles the Bear a gentle pat on his head and he’ll respond or give him some tickles and he’ll laugh right along! When it’s time for sleep, Cubbles eyes close and he’ll gently snore.