Cry Babies Magic Tears Pets

Cry Babies Magic Tears Pets

Why We Love It

  • 12 pets to collect
  • drinks from bottle and cries tears
  • chance to find golden accessory

ages3 - 6 years

aww, happy tears! Cry Babies have new additions to the family

The newest members of the Cry Babies family are here—Magic Tears Pets! Each Pet House has a pacifier design on the door because there’s a baby pet waiting inside. Inside the Pet House is a surprise bottle accessory. Look, it has a tiny built-in sippy straw. A sticker sheet is stored inside. Kids might want to look at that last because it reveals which pet is hiding inside. Once the Pet is out of the bag, it’s thirsty for a drink. Secure the water bottle to the Pet’s mouth so it can drink. Because this is a Magic Tears Pet, it has a special feature – tears! Press the button on the Pet’s head to make it cry real watery tears. Kids will want to comfort the little Pet with hugs. The unboxing isn’t over yet. There might be one more surprise hiding inside. On the back of the door is a secret compartment. Select Pet Houses come with a rare golden accessory hidden inside. When all the surprises are revealed, the Pet House can be decorated with the stickers. They’re so cute, with fun decorations and a picture of the pet’s owner to hang inside the house. There are 12 pets to collect in the Cry Babies Magic Tears Pets series, and the collector’s guide helps to keep track of each collectible pet.

close up of cry babies magic tears pet

drinks water and sheds tears

just like all Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls, Pets will drink water from their sippy. Then, have some tissues ready, ‘cause with the press of a button, your little critter will cry out the tears.
cry babies magic tears pets collectible guide

surprise reveal, highly collectible

The Pet’s identity is hidden in a blind bag stashed in the Pet House. Once revealed, the collector’s guide makes it easy to track which Pet belongs to which Cry Babies doll.