Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf Review

Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf Review

Why We Love It

  • Olaf follows projected blue snowflake
  • He sings, dances and says 30 phrases
  • Eyebrows, eyelids and mouth move

ages   3 - 5 years

warm hugs, lots of cuddles and loads of play

Kids get to sing, interact, and lead the play with the Disney Frozen 2 Follow-Me Friend Olaf. Wave the snowflake wand and Olaf will follow. The wand projects a blue snowflake image on the ground, and Olaf will detect and follow it as a child walks. For even more play, press the Talk button for different phrases and sound effects. Or press the Sing & Move button to hear Olaf sing his new song “When I’m Older” while he moves around. Olaf’s moving eyebrows, eyelids and mouth add even more interactivity to this loveable snowman.

The Follow Me Friend Olaf is such a fun friend for Frozen fans, plus he loves warm hugs! The toy is easy to control and recreates magic from the movie. Batteries for Olaf are included, but batteries for the wand are not.

Olaf follows the snowflake

follows their lead

Just point the magic wand, press a button and a snowflake will appear on the floor. Olaf will follow the snow, wherever it goes, for adventures all around the house!
Olaf sings, dances and talks

sings, dances and more

Follow-Me Olaf loves to sing his new song “When I’m Older” while he dances around. The lovable snowman includes 30 phrases that’ll have ’em gigglin’ and playin’ all day long.