Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper Review

Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper Review

Why We Love It

  • Decorate 125 nails
  • Five designs to choose from
  • Easy clean-up and replay

ages   8 - 12 years

easy press nails give them the look they want, whenever they want

Their nails will dazzle with the Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper. It comes with enough supplies to decorate 125 nails! First, choose one of the five design pods to insert into the nail stamper machine. Designs include flamingos, unicorns, cupcakes, cats and hearts. Then, they can paint their nails with either the specially formulated blue or purple nail polish, let dry, and get ready to stamp. Insert a finger into the nail stamper, press down and quickly let go of the top button to reveal newly stamped nail art. To preserve the design, make sure to paint a layer of the special topcoat over the stamp. It’s so easy to do and looks really cool! When they’re ready for a new design the nail art can easily come off so they can start all over again. Kids will love showing off their DIY nail art manicures with the Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper.

trendy nail patterns

mix and match styles

The Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Stamper includes five trendy nail patterns, like unicorns, cupcakes, hearts and more. Their nails will get a fabulous upgrade, or they can make a fashion statement and give each nail a personality all its own!
easy storage and travel

bring it on the go

Uh oh, they forgot to do their nails before they left the house! No worries—the cool pouch fits everything they need to get glamorous anywhere.