Goliath Burping Bobby Review

Goliath Burping Bobby Review

Why We Love It

  • burping mist surprise
  • 6 "stinky" food tokens
  • memory game challenge

ages   4 - 10 years

when you feed this hippo, you’re in for a big, burpin’ surprise!

You’re looking for a new idea for family game night, but who knew it would come in the form of a blue, burping hippo? Every player is in for a big surprise when you play Burping Bobby. It’s a memory game and surprise toy all in one. Gather ‘round the watering hole and get the game going, When Bobby’s ready to blast a burp, you all might wanna give the hippo some room!

Goliath Burping Bobby board game for kids

a bellyful of surprise

Kids fill Bobby with water then feed him play tokens of gassy foods throughout the game. Eventually, he’ll let out a burp like you’ve never seen or heard before!
Goliath Burping Bobby board game for kids

chomping, burping sounds

When Bobby is fed, he lets you know how much he likes food! He chomp, chomp, chomps on garlic, beans, pizza, onions and more in the form of tokens. Then, stand back. “Buuuuurrrrp!”