Hot Wheels id Smart Track Review

Hot Wheels id Smart Track Review

Why We Love It

  • 10 scannable cars to collect
  • App enhanced game play doubles playtime
  • Combine with tracks you own for countless races

ages   8 - 12 years

take Hot Wheels racing to the next level

The new Hot Wheels id tech experience combines a Smart Track set, a Race Portal, collectible cars and a free app. The Race Portal scans cars into the app for digital, video game-style racing and keeps track of their cars’ performance while racing on the Smart Track—plus, they can check out each car’s speed, distance and other fun stats! There are 10 scannable Hot Wheels id cars to collect and upgrade through the app: five Street Beasts and five Speed Demons. Multiple racing challenges and games keep fun in fourth gear, and the Smart Track can be reconfigured for unique Hot Wheels races. Connect the Race Portal to orange Hot Wheels tracks already owned for even more customization and race performance measurement! Get ready for high octane fun with physical and digital Hot Wheels play.

connects with smart devices

app-enhanced play

The Smart Track design connects with smart devices to track performance, speed and unlock physical and digital challenges, rewards and upgrades.
over 20 track configurations

so many layout designs

The included 16 assorted track pieces allow for over 20 track configurations. But the race doesn’t end there. Take existing tracks and add them to the Smart Track for even longer laps and high-speed fun