I Dig… Monsters! Review

I Dig… Monsters! Review

Why We Love It

  • first of the series; 28 looks to collect
  • ASMR-inspired sensory experience
  • color-changing reveal

ages   5 - 10 years

dig deep and let your inner monster out

Hmmm, what’s causing those spine-tingling chills? If you guessed a monster-filled ice pop – (you did??) – you’re right! I Dig… Monsters! is ASMR inspired – digging Monji out of the cold play ice pop creates a feel-good experience as you peel and scrape away. Use the ice pop stick tool to dig, peel and cut your way to the center to let the Monji monster out. Submerge him in icy cold water for a color change surprise! And dig this, there are 28 Monji looks in Series 1 to start a monstrously cool collection.

i dig... monsters! surprise toy revealed with ice cold water

layers of surprise

Surprise after surprise awaits! There’s an ice pop unboxing, totally satisfying monster reveal and color surprise all in one. Bonus: kids can imagine funny stories and facts about their new friend, Monji.

spine-tingling reveal

Peeling, carving, grating and cutting the ice pop is inspired by ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response, which results in an amazing sensory/tactile play activity.