Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set Review

Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set Review

Why We Love It

  • reuse package as sandbox
  • so many cool accessories included
  • hours of tactile fun

ages   3 - 8 years

mix it, shape it or squish it—with little cleanup!

Using two pounds of Kinetic Sand and 10 tools, kids can create their own mesmerizing Kinetic Sand videos and get creative with this amazing compound! The set comes with a phone stand and backdrop to help make great videos. The packaging itself becomes a sandbox where they can play with the soft and squishy red and blue Kinetic Sand. Have fun using the stacker, squisher, dome mold, crinkle tool, cutter tool, twister tool and scooper to make the magical sand do some pretty amazing things. Or just let ’em mash it, mold it, squish it and watch it flow through their fingers. Kids will have hours of fun engaging in tactile play with this very “sandisfying” play set.

mold, twist or cut sand

endless ways to play

No matter what they decide to do, whether they use the included tools to mold, twist or cut the sand or just get in there and make awesome creations, there’s no end to the fun and things they can make!
10 tools included

cool tools

The Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set comes with 10 tools to use and help make the ultimate kinetic sand creation. All they need is their imagination to make whatever they can dream up.