Leapbuilders ABC Smart House Review

Leapbuilders ABC Smart House Review

Why We Love It

  • 61 pieces to build with and learn
  • Over 170 phrases and sounds
  • Introduces letters, objects, colors and animals

ages   2 - 5 years

build up their knowledge with blocks that teach as they play!

Kids can build, create, and learn with The Leapbuilders ABC Smart House, a 60-piece house themed interactive block set. The ABC Smart House comes with 20 learning blocks, 40 additional building pieces and makes over 170 different phrases and sounds. The 20 double- sided learning blocks introduce kids to letters, objects, colors and animals. Just insert a learning block into the Smart Star and it responds with funs sounds, educational songs and learning phrases, as well as letters, objects, colors and animals. There are learning numbers on the house to teach kids shapes and numbers. Kids can also listen to a melody by pressing the music icon or answer interactive questions by pressing the button with the question mark. You can even use learning blocks from other LeapBuilder sets to unlock additional content. This toy encourages open-ended play and builds creative thinking.

over 170 sounds and phrases

loads of play

The Leapbuilders ABC Smart House comes with 20 learning blocks and 40 additional building pieces. Altogether, these pieces have over 170 different sounds and phrases! They’ll have SO much fun exploring, interacting, building and learning.
learn about letters, objects, numbers & colors

great way to learn

Whether their build includes some sounds or a song, they’ll be learning about letters, objects, numbers and colors as they go. The seamless interaction between learning and play is a great way to get their minds workin’ as their hands build!