Mix & Match-a-Saurus Review

Mix & Match-a-Saurus Review

Why We Love It

  • 27 different emotion combinations
  • Mix & Match-a-Saurus moves, sings, dances and talks
  • Builds social and emotional skills

ages   2 - 5 years

their emotional and social skills develop with a prehistoric pal

Rock and ROAR with the Mix & Match-a-Saurus—a smart dinosaur with personalized behavior, dance style and emotions. This Dino comes with three emotion tiles: happy, angry and sleepy; three music tiles: marching, ballet and hip-hop; and three character tiles: dinosaur, robot and monster to customize their dino pal. Just pick a tile, place it in Mix & Match-a-Saurus’s back and listen to how it reacts! Depending on which tile is inserted, the dino will move, sing, dance or talk. Experimenting with the tiles and seeing Mix & Match-a-Saurus’s responses helps young kids build social and emotional skills. Altogether, there are 27 different combinations. When playtime is done all of the tiles fit in the dinosaur egg for easy storage.

27 tile combinations

27 emotion combinations

How will the Mix & Match-a-Saurus react to the tiles they place on him? It depends! Do they want him to act like a happy robot? An angry monster? With 27 combinations and movements to go along with ’em, they’ll have so much fun laughing and learning.
store tiles in the dinosaur egg

easy play, easy clean up

The Mix & Match-a-Saurus is so easy to use. Kids can start exploring with the different tiles and watch their new dino pal react and respond as they go. When they’re all finished, the tiles pack neatly into the dinosaur egg for easy storage.