Monopoly Voice Banking Review

Monopoly Voice Banking Review

Why We Love It

  • Voice activated hat eliminates cash
  • Updated look and feel
  • Faster gameplay

ages   8+ years

welcome, future millionaires!

The next generation of Monopoly has a lot to say. This Monopoly set comes with a voice activated hat that sits in the center of the Monopoly board and eliminates the need for cash or bank cards—and also prevents mischievous players from cheating. But that’s not the only redesign! The look and feel of the game differ from the traditional setup, too.

Unlike former Monopoly sets, Monopoly Voice Banking comes with 4 neon green, top hat wearing player tokens. Game play is similar, but some differences stand out like the black board and property cards. There are also less properties for sale, while the utilities and railroads have been removed from the board to make gameplay faster. Voice and digital commands are a bit of a learning curve for new players, but it definitely offers a new twist on an old favorite.

Monopoly Voice Banking voice activated hat

voice activated hat

There’s no need to count stacks of play money anymore. Mr. Monopoly keeps track of your funds, owned properties, real estate and, if you have a bad roll, who you owe rent.
Monopoly Voice Banking redesigned game pieces

game piece redesign

Classic game pieces have been replaced and modified with neon green, top hat wearing versions of classics, like the race car and Scottie dog. The cat’s appearance has been updated and newcomer T. Rex bursts onto the Monopoly scene.