Na! Na! Na! Surprise Review

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Review

Why We Love It

  • soft body, posable fashion doll
  • clip-on, plush pom purse
  • confetti "pop" unboxing

ages   7 - 12 Years

pop the confetti, new dolls are bursting onto the collectible scene

A surprise celebration awaits in every unboxing. Na! Na! Na! Surprise collectible fashion dolls from MGA are packaged inside a balloon bag that you inflate. POP the balloon for a spectacular burst of confetti. Then, open it more to reveal all the surprises. There are so many levels to this amazing unboxing experience. First, you’ll discover a plush animal pom that works double duty as… a purse! Unzip the purse to reveal a beautiful fashion doll. Two blind bags contain wearable fashions to complete your doll’s look. What makes Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls so special is they’re posable, made of soft fabric and have brushable hair. There are six dolls to collect, each with their own animal purse. Each animal is wide-eyed and wildly cute, and they can be clipped on to a bookbag or anywhere to take with you on the go. There’s a bear, sheep, tiger, fox, bunny and unicorn. And there’s enough room inside the pouch to store the doll when finished playing. There are six fashion dolls to collect in Series 1. Each one comes with a collectible tag that has their name, birthday and a little bit about their personality.

confetti balloon unboxing

exciting unboxing experience

Use the included straw to inflate the balloon packaging. Then, squeeze the balloon for a burst of colorful confetti! Open the balloon to reveal all the surprises.
two toys in one box

two toys in one

Each package has a plush animal pom that doubles as a purse. Inside the pom is a posable, soft-body, collectible doll. Collect all six!