Owleez Review

Owleez Review

Why We Love It

  • Owleez really flies
  • Over 100 sounds and movements
  • Includes a color matching game

ages   6 - 10 years

this cute little owlet needs some help, love and care to really soar from her nest

Teach Owleez to fly, sing, play games and more! This cute interactive baby owl wants to take flight, but first she needs some help! Move her up and down to show her how it’s done, and when you see rainbow eyes place her back in the nest and watch her give flying a try. Will she fly high and stick the landing? Or will she need some more practice? Does the owl fly perfectly every time? No, but she’s still learning, and that’s all part of the play. Kids will have to help her out until she gets it right! When not flying, touch the owl’s three sensors for over 100 sounds and movements. The owl’s eyes change nine different colors with her mood and let kids know what she needs. Maybe a pat on the head. Maybe her berry food accessory. Or maybe she wants to sing a song. Kids can also play a color matching game with their Owleez. There are many different ways to interact and play with Owleez, engaging kids in lots of nurturing pretend pet play. This is for indoor use only and the nest includes a built-in USB charger.

Owleez moods

nine different moods

Colorful eyes let kids know what their Owleez needs—or wants to share! Maybe she needs her berry or some pats. She might need a hug or wants to show her love. With nine different eye colors, there’s a lot to see, respond to and interact with!
Owleez in use

teach her to fly

When Owleez is first learning, she needs some gentle guidance to learn how to fly. Move her up and down to let her get the hang of it, and don’t forget to give her some pets for her practice! When she’s ready, her eyes will turn rainbow and she’ll give it a try. If she doesn’t quite get it right, that’s OK!