PJ Masks Seeker Review

PJ Masks Seeker Review

Why We Love It

  • The Seeker holds up to 4 vehicles
  • Removable parts for added fun
  • Search light really lights up!

ages   3 - 5 years

PJ Masks go into the night to save the…play!

The PJ Masks Seeker is used in PJ Masks to find nighttime villains. This vehicle comes with a Catboy figure, bridge and satellite, a Cat-Car, cage with claw crane and shooter with discs. The Seeker holds up to four vehicles, and three PJ Mask figures can fit inside the cabin. Having trouble finding trouble? Nighttime villains won’t be able to hide from the light up searchlight. To stop villains, you can fire the disk launcher—or trap them in the detachable cage. Baddies getting away? Not so fast, as the cabin detaches to quickly chase them down. The PJ Seeker also has a pull-out ramp that extends and a drop down side door. Bottom line, this is the ultimate vehicle for PJ Masks fans.

Catboy uses searchlight

lights and sounds

Trouble finding Romeo or Luna Girl? No problem! Just turn on the searchlight and spot trouble anywhere! Press a button on top for sounds that rev up the action.
catboy drives detachable cabin

detachable cabin and Cat-Car

Not so fast, nighttime villains! The PJ Masks Seeker is more than equipped to catch trouble before it starts. Just detach the cabin to send Catboy, Owlette and Gekko on a heroic mission, or release the Cat-Car down the ramp in hot pursuit of evil-doers.