Play-Doh Cash Register Review

Play-Doh Cash Register Review

Why We Love It

  • 11 supermarket-themed tools
  • realistic sounds
  • grocery store role play

ages   3 - 7 years

with food-making molds and realistic checkout, fun is in the bag

This grocery store cash register sure makes a lot of dough… and peppers, tomatoes, waffles and more! Kids enjoy tactile fun while role-playing the grocery store process from start to finish. Once they make the food items and place them on the scanner, it beeps just like in a real supermarket. The littles can fill the bag up with groceries, pay with Play-Doh money or credit card and even get a receipt. This play cash register gives children a hands-on idea of running a checkout, complete with a register drawer “cha-ching!” sound that’ll get ‘em giggling with every purchase!

barbie changes color like magic

fun-to-make molds

The playset comes with five food cutters to make the groceries and a wallet-themed modeling compound press to make coins and dollars. Kids can also press credit cards and receipts for realistic role play fun.
barbie mystery food theme

supermarket sounds

When kids place the food on the scanner, they’ll hear the familiar beep just they hear in the grocery store. Open the cash register and a playful “cha-ching” sound plays.