Play-Doh Animal Crew Cluck-A-Dee Feather Fun Chicken Review

Play-Doh Animal Crew Cluck-A-Dee Feather Fun Chicken Review

Why We Love It

  • "grows" chicken feathers
  • makes funny sounds
  • surprise egg-laying feature

ages   3 - 7 years

meet the funniest, feathery-est friend on the farm

What’s that clucking sound? It must be time for down-on-the-farm fun! Yes, it’s the Play-Doh Animal Crew Cluck-A-Dee Feather Fun Chicken and she’s ready to grow some feathers! Kids can make all-white or colorful feathers for Cluck-A-Dee, either with the feather mold or by filling Cluck-A-Dee’s neck with Play-Doh and pressing down on her head. Fun sounds will play as feathers sprout! And if Cluck-A-Dee’s look needs to change, give her a shave with the special tool and start again! Listen to the chicken cluck and make other funny sounds. Cluck-A-Dee will even lay Play-Doh eggs! Shape an egg inside the fried egg mold, place it in the secret compartment in Cluck-A-Dee’s back and press her head for sounds and egg- laying action. With four colors of Play-Doh compound, kids can make traditional white eggs or get creative with orange and blue swirl eggs. Kids who like getting creative with Play-Doh will have a farm-themed fun time decorating Cluck-A-Dee. Batteries are included so the fun can start right away.

PlayDoh Cluck-A-Dee chicken with colorful feathers

grows & regrows feathers

When li’l farmers add the white modeling clay and press down on Cluck-A-Dee’s head, feathers will sprout! Kids can use the shaving tool to play again and again. They can even mix up different colors to create some beautiful plumage!
secret compartment for eggs

secret compartment for eggs

Press Play-Doh into the fried egg mold to make an egg. Make a lot for extra fun. Push down on Cluck-A-Dee’s tail feathers to reveal a secret compartment and add eggs inside. Press down on her head and out tumble the eggs!