Treasure X Aliens

Treasure X Aliens

Why We Love It

  • 12-step reveal experience
  • 18 treasure hunters to collect
  • Chance to find a real meteorite gem

ages5 - 10 Years

there’s so much to discover with Treasure X Aliens but first, they need to be rescued!

12 mission objectives await explorers in their first quest–unbox and rescue the treasure hunter from inside an alien! Dissect the alien’s stomach with the x-tool, and then pull out the rib cage and a packet of slimy ooze. Dig through the ooze to find a treasure hunter with a weapon, space critter and treasure piece. Maybe they’ll find the ultimate treasure: a ‘peridot’ gem from real meteorites! There are 18 treasure hunters to collect, three different critters and 18 regular treasures. Each alien treasure hunter comes with a galaxy of adventures and role-play. Don’t forget to pour some of the ooze inside the alien head then give ’em a squeeze. If they like slime and gross-out toys, then see which aliens and treasures they’ll unbox and collect.

dig out a treasure hunter from the goo

rescue from alien goo

There’s a treasure hunter somewhere inside a gross alien—but it’s up to little explorers to dig ’em out. Rummage through ribs and goo to reveal the surprise treasure hunter, their weapon, a critter and treasure. Who knows? Maybe they’ll find a real peridot gem from a meteorite!
squeeze goo from the alien's eyes

loads of play potential

Find the mission, rescue the treasure hunter and reveal the treasure—that’s just the unboxing. Squeeze goo from the alien’s eyes, mouth and nose. Go on out-of-this-world adventures with the treasure hunter. Collect and showcase all 18!