Treasure X Ultimate Dissection Review

Treasure X Ultimate Dissection Review

Why We Love It

  • 26 levels of dissection
  • unique surprise reveal methods
  • accessories for extended play

ages   5 - 10 Years

dig in, if you dare, to find a hidden treasure hunter and lots more

Got your lab coat? Check. Dissection tool? Check. Alien specimen? Aggghh! Here’s what makes the new Treasure X Aliens Ultimate Dissection Kit so ultimate. This beast is super huge with 26 levels of dissection and lots of surprises inside. Use the X tool to slice open the alien’s stomach. Remove the rib cage and pull out the stretchy intestines until they snap. Ewww! Squeeze out the oozy insides to reveal surprises that you’ll need later. Remove the gut sack and cut it open quickly because there’s a Treasure Hunter and his weapon trapped inside! Yes, you have to save the Hunter from the alien! Crack open the alien’s head to pull out his brain to see what’s goin’ on in there. It’s either hiding a glow-in-the-dark plasma cell or a rare gem! After dissecting, attach the weapons and accessories to the alien’s body so that it becomes an adventure-seeking vehicle for the Treasure Hunter. Aw, this alien is your friend after all! You can create all sorts of stories and adventures with the action figure and accessories. Slime, surprises and some seriously creative storytelling… the Ultimate Dissection Kit is out-of-this-world fun!

alien gut sack reveals surprise toys

multi-level, sci-fi play

The kid-friendly dissection tool puts little scientists in control of the activities. With twenty-six levels of dissection and surprise features, this toy launches endless playtime engagement.
treasure x dissection alien toy in play

transforms for extended fun

After dissection is complete, attach the accessories and the alien becomes a vehicle! This opens the play experience to more out-of-this-world adventures.