WWE Wrekkin Slamcycle Toy Review

WWE Wrekkin Slamcycle Toy Review

Why We Love It

  • includes Drew McIntyre action figure
  • breaks into 9 pieces
  • awesome toy for WWE lovers

ages   6+ years

bust ’em up and ride off in style!

Enter the ring in style with the WWE Wrekkin Slamcycle. This mean machine is the perfect ride…and weapon…for Drew McIntyre! Roar into the ring, pop a wheelie, then give the Slamcycle a toss at any nearby foes. It’ll bust up into nine pieces they can use to really rev up the action and dish out some damage! They’ll also get a six-inch Drew McIntyre action figure with TrueFX enhanced facial detailing and 10 points of articulation! The Scottish Terminator is ready to rumble and rock the ring with each and every piece of his Slamcycle. When the match is finished, reassemble the Wrekkin Slamcycle, hop on and zoom off to the next big bout!

WWE Wrekkin Slamcycle Toy Review

busts up into nine pieces

Chop up the chopper and use the Slamcycle pieces to bust up every baddie!
WWE Wrekkin Slamcycle Toy Review

pops a sweet wheelie!

Sweet victory deserves a sweeter wheelie! Pop up on one tire and give the fans what they want!