make time fly with these DIY play ideas!

When it comes to play, there are SO many ways to get creative and think outside the box. Whether they’re just using their imaginations or turning a package into a race car, fun can come from all sorts of unlikely places. We’ve collected ten DIY play videos that use some of their favorite toys and items you can find around the house to make whole new ways to play! The next time they’re telling you that they’re bored, blow their mind in just a few easy steps.

LEGO photo frame
LEGO photo frame

Frame some of those treasured memories in a snap with a LEGO photo frame. This one takes just a few minutes (and just a few bricks!) to create a frame they can place in their bedroom—or you can show off their LEGO buildin’ skills anywhere around the house!

Cardboard Laboratory DIY
Cardboard Laboratory

Opening up a Treasure X Alien can be some risky business. To make sure the extraction process goes well, it’s best to have a laboratory where the alien can be carefully dissected. It’s really easy to make and adds a whole new element of play to the slimy Treasure X Alien unboxing!

Blinger Doll Jean Jacket DIY
Blinger Doll Jean Jacket

Just because it’s a snowy day doesn’t mean their dolls can’t get a fashion upgrade! In a few steps, they can create unique and trendy clothes for all of their dolls. When the weather lightens up a bit, they’ll be ready to hit the town and have a blast!

Ring Toss DIY
Ring Toss

Wanna toss in a little competition on a cold winter day? Then the Ring Toss DIY is just for you! Once you’ve made yours, prop it against a staircase or leaned against a wall for a fun indoor game that really makes time fly by!

LEGO Zipline DIY
LEGO Zipline

There are loads of LEGO bricks scattered around the house and they’re using as many as they can to build whatever they can think up. That’s awesome! Maybe they can spare a few to create a zipline that can let superheroes swoop in to save the day, or just give some lucky minifigures an aerial tour of the house. This one just takes a few minutes to set up and can add so much fun to their LEGO builds!

Noodle Races
Noodle Races

Just because you don’t feel like driving doesn’t mean you can’t take a ride to some high-speed play! Put those pool noodles to good use in their off season and create lanes they can race their Hot Wheels cars down. Gentlekids, start your engines!

Nerf Target Practice DIY
Nerf Target Practice

Alrighty, Tex. It’s time to prove those blaster skills of yours with some target practice. Give ’em a chance to show off in just a few steps, place it against a wall and let the little blaster-slingers show ya what they got. This is a fun indoor play activity that takes an outdoor toy and brings it safely into play around the house. Just remember to keep ’em aiming at the targets!

Crayon Slime DIY
Crayon Slime

Get a little gooey with some homemade slime! It’s a huge trend that’s found in all kinds of toys, so why not try your hand at making some of your own that they can play with? Turns out, it’s pretty simple! In a few quick steps they can have some sticky, colorful slime to play with. Plus, you can store it for future play, too!

Monster Jam Arena DIY
Monster Jam Arena

A monster truck arena, right in your home! Don’t worry, it’s super easy to construct, but the crowd WILL go wild! Just use a cardboard box and some imagination to make an arena where their trucks can show off some sweet stunts and daring jumps!

Halloween Sensory Bin DIY
Halloween Sensory Bin

Don’t get spooked by this Halloween sensory bin—you can make one any time of the year! Orbeez are perfect for lining a sensory bin, then just add toys or objects from around the house to fill it up. Once your all set, blind fold the little ones and have them feel around the sensory bin and guess what they’re holding. Even better, cleanup is SO easy!