water blasters & balloons

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Grab a water blaster, some water balloons and prepare for an epic backyard battle! Kick the fun up SO many notches with water blasters equipped to douse boredom and get the whole family involved in active outdoor fun. Once the round starts, only the driest will win, but on those super hot days…it might be a better idea to intentionally lose! We’ve got what they want, like Nerf water blasters, Zuru water balloons, Fortnite water blasters and more. They can even grab a water blaster modeled after some of their favorite characters, from PJ Masks to PAW Patrol, Toy Story and beyond. Wanna add a steady stream of fun to the backyard antics this summer? Unload a few water blasters on the grass, tell ’em to choose their fave then mark territory. At the count of three, we charge! 1…2…3…soak ’em all!