springin’ for a trampoline

baby jumpers

Baby’s gotta bounce, too! Baby jumpers are safe, cute and, most times, hilarious fun for little ones! These typically fit babies ages six months and up, just pop ’em in the comfy seat and they’ll take care of the rest. Baby jumpers typically come packed with activities, lights and sounds to keep them busy and gigglin’ as they strengthen their little legs and develop their gross motor skills.


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kids' trampolines

Kids trampolines can typically be found around 36” and up. Consider your child’s age and skill level when looking to buy a kids’ trampoline. For first timers, you can find trampolines with a handlebar they can hold so they can have fun and remain safe. But bigger kids need some protection from spills, too! You can find trampolines with an exterior net to support ’em when they get a little wild in there.

Trampolines for kids start at a little over two feet in length, so toddlers can use the handlebars and jump without going too far. You’ll find trampolines at 120”, or 10 feet in length, and beyond for older kids who have developed their coordination enough to really catch some air.

The trampoline you choose should give your jumper room to safely bounce around. Keep in mind weight limitations when they have friends over so everyone can have lots of fun all day long!


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