Magic: The Gathering

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Serious trading card game fans will tell you that Magic: The Gathering was the first modern collectible trading card game and with each extension pack, it still leads the TCG pack in excitement. In fact, Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast released over 20 billion Magic cards and Magic tournaments take place around the world. Start the adventure with Magic: The Gathering Core 2021 set which includes 10 booster packs and 20 foil Land cards and 20 regular Land cards, two reference cards, a foil promo card and an big spindown life counter. The cards store safely in the included Magic storage box. Looking for wild Magic: The Gathering gameplay? Unsanctioned version is off the charts with combined card decks, foil and non-foil cards, cards with new amazing illustrations and special silver-border cards. Gameplay is a reckless, thrilling, free-for-all for Magic: The Gathering fans.