clay, dough & sand art

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Mold a playtime all their own with clay toys, dough toys and sand art! Make a pretend ice cream sundae or use clay to create their very own sculpture! Look through these toys and you’ll find awesome must-haves like kinetic sand, Play-Doh compound, Cool Maker toys and so much more. Play-Doh compound dough toys let them explore different ways to have loads of fun with playsets that take them to the kitchen, garage and underwater! Kinetic sand toys are great for the kiddos who just gotta get in there and dig, sculpt, build and watch it keep shape and fall apart in their hands. Clay toys are perfect for your little craftskids, complete with projects that have ’em molding, painting and designing all on their own! Looking for some awesome ways to play with clay, dough and sand art? Right this way!