dinosaur fossils

What You’ll Need:
Melissa & Doug Modeling Dough Kit
dinosaur figures
colored school glues

Melissa & Doug Modeling Dough Kit, Dinosaur figures, Colored school glues

Flatten modeling dough to form a disk shape. Make it about ¾” thick.

flatten dough

Squish your dinosaur figure into each disk. Make sure you get the features of the dino deep into the fossil, then peel your prehistoric pal out.

squish dinosaur into dough

You’ll see the shape of the dinosaur in the dough. Fill the space in with colored glue.

fill the space with colored glue

Now, the hard part. Wait 2-3 days for your fossil to dry. Just think, fossils usually take thousands of years to form. So, two or three days, not so bad!

wait 2-3 days for glue to dry

When thoroughly dry, peel out the glue. Eureka! You have a fossil AND a brand new type of dinosaur, the stegluesaurus!

peel out your fossil

watch how it's done!