gone fishin’ game

What You’ll Need:
foam craft squares or construction paper
yarn or string
paper towel roll
paper clips

supplies for gone fishing do it yourself activity for kids

Draw the fish outlines on foam squares or construction paper.

fish drawn with marker on craft foam or construction paper

Cut around the outline and continue to decorate the fish.

eyes and mouth drawn on a craft fish

Loop yarn or a string around a paper towel roll and knot it. The string length will vary depending on your child’s height. Tie the magnet onto the other end of the string. Optional: use tape to attach magnet.

tied string or yarn around a paper towel craft fishing pole

Decorate the fishing pole any way you like.

decorate the paper towel craft fishing pole with markers and crayons

Attach a paper clip to each fish.

paper clip attached to a fish drawing for fishing game for kids

See how many fish your little one can hook!

play the gone fishing game diy activity for kids

watch how it's done!