sky-high water balloon challenge diy

What You’ll Need:
Zuru Bunch O Balloons
beach towels
water hose
bucket (optional, helps hold balloons while filling)

flat lay of the water balloon toss activity for kids

Each team gets a towel – that’s their super-duper balloon launcher!

filling Zuru Bunch O Balloon for water balloon toss game activity for kids

Place the balloons in a bucket (optional) and fill with water. Get to the play a lot faster with Bunch O Balloons – 100 balloons fill up and tie in 60 seconds!

young children getting ready to toss the water balloons in an outdoor game for kids

Each team stands next to the other, holding their towel. Choose which team goes first and place a balloon in the center of that team’s towel.

young children tossing Bunch O Balloon water balloons in backyard game for kids

Holding the corners of the towel, players swing their arms back and then high up over their heads really fast to launch the balloon! The other team tries to catch the balloon without getting soaked! If the balloon survives, they launch it back to the first team. Go back and forth until 10 balloons have been broken during play. Keep track, and the team who broke the least amount of balloons, wins! Play tip: you can play with 10 balloons or more, just agree on a number first. You can also add additional teams if there are more who want to join in!

watch how it's done!