Geoffrey through the years

He’s recognized by Toys”R”Us kids around the world! Take a trip down memory lane and learn about the evolution of Geoffrey from illustration, to a talking live Giraffe, back to a combination of both 2D & 3D illustration.


1965 Toys R Us Geoffrey
The earliest version of Geoffrey was known as “Dr. G. Raffe,” created as a representative for Children’s Bargain Town. This was Charles Lazarus’ first store, which sold toys and baby furniture. Children’s Bargain Town evolved to Toys“R”Us in 1965 and the new brand was about to get its first mascot. The artist who designed Dr. G. Raffe made the Toys “R”Us version much more lifelike—and a store associate renamed him “Geoffrey.”

Geoffrey made his first commercial debut in 1973, dancing in the streets alongside hundreds of enthusiastic children!


1975 Toys R Us Geoffrey
In the early 70s, Geoffrey introduced his family to the world: his wife, Gigi, daughter Baby Gee and son, Junior. They rode in their family car, the Geoffreymobile—a double-decker bus fueled by potato chips. During this era, Geoffrey also received a makeover with rounder eyes and spots, smaller ossicones and a tuft of hair added on his head. This version of Geoffrey would become the template for all other illustrated versions to come.

Geoffrey, Gigi, Baby Gee and Junior could be spotted in advertisements as representatives for baby toys, girl toys and boy toys.


1988 Toys R Us Geoffrey
All throughout the 1980s, Geoffrey and his family made appearances in stores, parades and other events. They greeted fans at iconic American locations including the Statue of Liberty and the famous San Francisco cable cars. Geoffrey and his family made their home in a New England lighthouse—which could comfortably accommodate their height.

Life-size versions of Geoffrey were also spotted in TV commercials during the ‘80s, taking kids on adventures to Toys“R”Us stores and sharing news of all the great toys they would discover there.


1999 Toys R Us Geoffrey
In the late 90s, Gigi, Junior, and Baby Gee bowed out of the spotlight so that Geoffrey could personify the nature of the true Toys“R”Us customer—kids! The Toys“R”Us creative team decided to simplify things by removing Geoffrey’s family so they could depict him as a child. Since Geoffrey was now officially a kid, Toys“R”Us set up guidelines for what he could do in ads. Geoffrey was no longer selling or promoting items, instead he appeared as a light-hearted mascot who just wanted children to come to his stores and play!


2001 Toys R Us Geoffrey
Geoffrey was once again transformed, taking on a more realistic giraffe appearance. This Geoffrey was meant to represent the kid in all of us and was described as a wisecracking jokester. Created by Stan Winston Studios, an animatronic version of Geoffrey was born in 2001, making his image more realistic than ever before. Jim Hanks, brother to actor Tom Hanks, provided the vocal talent for this version of Geoffrey.

He even made headlines in 2002 when he starred in a commercial that was named “Top Spot” of the Year by Advertising Age.


2007 Toys R Us Geoffrey
Nowadays, Geoffrey portrays a lighthearted attitude that resonates with parents, gift givers and kids in over 900 worldwide Toys“R”Us locations! Everywhere from Israel to the U.A.E, South Africa to Australia and beyond know and love Geoffrey. And, well, time has certainly been kind to him! He was named “Top 25 Mascots of All Time” by AOL’s WalletPop and is featured on Toys“R”Us websites, in catalogs, on commercials and wherever kiddos are lookin’ for a great time. Where to next, Geoffrey? Lead the play!