school lunch success

As we get ready for the school year routine, making school lunch is another task that, if prepared for, can be fairly pain free. The goal is to assure that your kiddos get a boost of nutrients to help them power through the day.

Here is a check list of other tips to assure smooth sailing into the new school year:

  1. Set Out Clean Outfits
  2. Reusable water bottles, with fun shapes or characters on them, not only encourage hydration all day long, but also are environmentally friendly.
  3. Put their names on all with a marker to avoid loss.
  4. Assure soft items are packed in firm containers so food isn’t crushed.
  5. Include an ice packet to assure that everything is nice and fresh when it is time to eat.
  6. Make a long list of food items your kids like, including proteins, fruits, and vegetables, to bring with you when food shopping.
  7. Provide an assortment in the lunchbox, to bust boredom before it begins.
  8. Buy nonperishables in bulk to save time and money.
  9. Prepare lunches the night before with the help of your little ones. This eliminates early morning stress and assures that they like what they get.
  10. And every now and then, a little note from Mom or Dad makes opening their lunchboxes extra special.