field goal frenzy

Are you ready for some football? To get pumped for the big game, download our Field Goal Frenzy game and kick off the exciting day with some paper football fun! Print out the sheet and cut out both field goals, then use the leftover paper to make your own paper football!

Here’s how:

Field Goal
1. Fold the field goal post twice, behind the field goal, where marked.
2. Fold the bottom sliver up.
3. Tape the sliver to the back of the field goal.
4. Place a coin on top of the fold to keep the field goal in place.

Paper Football
1. Fold the paper length-wise,
2. Make a triangle by folding the bottom corner towards the opposite end.
3. Pull the tip of the triangle up and fold over, keeping the triangle shape.
4. Pull the corner to the opposite end.
5. Repeat this until you reach the top.
6. Once you reach the top, fold the remaining piece of paper into the lip of the triangular fold.

Alright! You’re ready to flick and kick your way to an awesome Super Bowl party! Flip a coin, see who goes first then let the games begin! Share your game highlights with us using the hashtag #FieldGoalFrenzy. We can’t wait to watch!