Boredom-Buster Activity Jar DIY

Boredom-Buster Activity Jar DIY
What You’ll Need:

glass mason jars with lids
popsicle sticks
sticky notes

Let’s face it, even the most active kids get a case of the “I’m bored” blues now and then. With these activity jars, they’ll never run out fun of things to do. Gather the kids around for this one and you’ll find this diy is just about as much fun to put together as the actual activities themselves. Categorize each jar to help organize thoughts around the things to do. We’ve provided some starter ideas below, but you’ll be amazed at how many ideas the kids come up with, too!

Let’s Get Started!


Gather the kiddos and your supplies together.

Write each idea on a popsicle stick.

Create colorful labels to fasten on the lid of each jar. Category ideas can be: outdoor; indoor; playroom; games; exercise; cooking, etc.

Place each stick in the jar that matches its category. Let the kids pick one out day and that’s their fun to-do for the day!

Thought Starters:
sing a song
write a story
create a painting
complete a puzzle
put on a puppet show
read a book
draw a treasure map
build a LEGO tower
play a board game
Nerf target practice
make flour dough
draw new Barbie outfit
sidewalk chalk art
fly a kite
learn 3 foreign words
play hopscotch
go swimming
make up a song
walk the dog
look for 4-leaf clovers
go bird watching
play a card game
play hide & seek
find wishies
make slime
look for fireflies
invent a game

watch how it's done!

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