Pool Noodle Plane DIY

Pool Noodle Plane DIY
What You’ll Need:

pool noodle, cut to approx. 12”
craft foam
serrated knife
hot glue gun
duct tape

Skies are sunny and it’s a good day for flyin’ a plane! What’s that, you don’t have a plane? Well a simple pool noodle craft can fix that! Kids will have a blast making wings and rudders. They’ll learn how to weight the plane so it flies just right and take pride as it sails through the friendly skies!

Let’s Get Started!


Parents-only step: Cut pool noodle into 12” lengths.

Cut the wing and rudder pieces out of cardboard.

Match up the cardboard shapes to the craft foam and cut out the shapes. Parents, hot glue the foam to the cardboard and let dry.

Take a few coins and wrap them in duct tape. Insert them into the front of the pool noodle for weight and balance. You can glue them to the inside of the noodle or wait until flying time to see if you need to adjust how many coins to use.

Parents, glue the wings and rudder onto the pool noodle. Let ‘em fly!

watch how it's done!

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