Unicorn Marionette DIY

Unicorn Marionette DIY
What You’ll Need:

paper towel roll
foam craft paper
glitter craft paper, cut in strips
pipe cleaner
yarn or string
straws (3)
bottle caps (4)
wood craft sticks (4)
tape or glue
scissors or utility knife

Puppetry is an art form that kids never get tired of and here’s how to make your very own. A unicorn marionette will inspire all kinds of fun around the house, like storytelling, chasing the dog and surprise visits at the dinner table! You can sub out much of the material we used for things you already have around your home. It is a unicorn after all, and we hear, no two are the same. Once children get the hang of how to work the strings, this mythical creature will charge into action!

Let’s Get Started!


Cut a paper towel roll 2/3 of the way down for the body. The remaining 1/3 is for the unicorn’s head. Wrap foam craft paper around each piece and fasten with tape or glue.

Cut two straws in half, which will be the unicorn’s four legs. Cut a smaller piece from the third straw for the unicorn’s neck.

Make a small hole through the top of the paper towel head piece and make another hole through the bottom side. Thread a piece of yarn through the top and continue to thread it through the bottom hole and into the smaller straw. This connects the head to the neck. Continue to thread the same piece of yarn through the paper towel body and out the other end. The two yarn ends (out of the top of the head and the tail end) will be brought up to two cross bars (see next step).

Fasten two craft sticks together with tape or glue to make an “X” shape. Repeat with the other two sticks. These are the cross bars to control the unicorn’s movements by hand. Bring the yarn from the unicorn’s head up to one cross bar and tie it on. Bring the other piece from the unicorn’s tail up to the other cross bar and tie it on.

Cut two pieces of yarn evenly and thread them through the body. Two ends will be sticking out of one side and two ends sticking out of the other. These four pieces are the start of the unicorn’s legs. To complete the legs, thread the four yarn pieces through one straw each. Poke a hole in each bottle cap and thread each piece of yarn, so it runs from the straw through the cap. Tie a knot for each one to secure.

Create ears with foam craft paper and glue or tape onto head piece. Create a tail out of yarn. Add a silver pipe cleaner to the tail for extra sparkle. Tape the glitter craft paper strips onto the neck area for the mane. Twirl the pipe cleaner for the unicorn’s horn and fasten in place.

watch how it's done!

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