Valentine’s Day Flower Pencil Topper

Valentine’s Day Flower Pencil Topper

Love is buzzin’ all around! The loveliest time of year can bring out their inner poet as they count the ways you make ’em feel so special, all year round! If they need some inspiration, download and cut out this Valentine’s Day Flower Pencil Topper, then wrap it around the top of a pencil for a super sweet gift for all the little honeys this Valentine’s Day.

How to make your own Valentine’s Day Flower Pencil Topper:
1. Color in the petals
2. Cut out the petals along the dotted line
3. Tape the end with small petals to a pencil, then wrap the petals around the pencil top.
4. Secure with tape.
5. Curl the petals to create a flower

How to make the gift tag:
1. Color the gift tag
2. Cut out the gift tag along the dotted line
3. Punch a hole into the circle
4. Use string to tie the gift tag to the pencil
5. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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