DIY Monster Golf

DIY Monster Golf
What You’ll Need:

wooden dowels
duct tape
golf club(s)
golf ball(s)

Have no fear, you’ll ace this DIY! Create frightfully funny characters that turn an ordinary game of golf into a sporty Halloween treat. The whole family can participate in making this monster golf set and laying out a tricky course on the lawn. Best of all, hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills are put into play while the littles are having fun. Now that’s a hole-in-one!

Let’s Get Started!


Sketch out spooky characters on cardboard. Be sure to make the mouth area of each character large enough to hit a golf ball through.

Paint the characters.

Cut out each figure and cut out the space you created for the mouth.

On the back of the cardboard, place one dowel on each side of the hole. These will serve as ground pegs that will dig into the grass, so each dowel should rest half on the cardboard and half off. Duct tape each dowel to secure.

Insert each dowel peg into the grass so it stands up. Space each character apart on a flat lawn surface and it’s time to golf!

watch how it's done!

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