Halloween Ring Toss DIY

Halloween Ring Toss DIY
What You’ll Need:

black poster board 4-5 sheets
orange poster board 2 sheets
purple poster board 2 sheets
green construction paper
roll of green streamer
decorative garland
4-6 rings for tossing
4-6 toy traffic cones

Which witch hat will you aim for? Take turns trying to toss rings onto the witches’ hats and earn points for each time you make a ringer. This game is perfect for Halloween parties or any ol’ time and is frightfully fun to play. Set it up indoors or out, but best when there’s a full moon!

Let’s Get Started!

Trace a circle around a plate to make the hat brim.

Cut out the circle and cut a hole in the center of the paper. Make a slit from the end to the center, so it can fit around the cone.

Cut out a shape for the hat’s crown.

Wrap it to create a cone shape.

Place brim and crown onto the orange cone and tape in place. Wrap garland around the brim. Cut to fit around the brim and tape or staple it in place.

Make streamers out of crepe paper and tape them to the rings.

Tape the four remaining sheets of poster board together to create a playing board. Cut out numbers with green construction paper and tape to the playing board.

Place a hat in each box. Grab your rings and toss! Set the winning number, like 50 or 100, and earn points for each ringer. Keep score as you play and whoever reaches the number, wins!

watch how it's done!

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