LEGO® Photo Frame

LEGO® Photo Frame
What You’ll Need

Your Favorite Photo

LEGO Bricks (This classic set has everything you’d need!)

LEGO Classic 790-Piece Creative Brick Box Building Kit - 10698
LEGO Classic 790-Piece Creative Brick Box Building Kit - 10698

They’ve spent all day perfecting their LEGO® masterpiece, and by tomorrow it might be something completely different—so use this unique frame to showcase and preserve their latest LEGO® creation! Encourage their creativity with a play keepsake that can be displayed in their bedroom or around the house.

Let’s Get Started!

This LEGO® picture frame is perfect for any 4x6 or 5x7 photo you want to display. The LEGO® base for your photo frame is made of six 4x4 LEGO® plates. Use 10 2x4 LEGO® bricks in two rows of five bricks to create the base for your photo frame.

Time to build up! Stack 4, 14-brick high columns using 2x4 LEGO® bricks. Once built, your frame will look like it has two thick 4x4 columns with a slit between them.

Slide the photo between the slits in the LEGO® brick columns.

 Build the top of the frame and enclose the picture. We used one 2x4 LEGO® brick on each side to seal the columns, and six 2x8 LEGO® bricks to cover the top of the picture, with two 2x4 LEGO® bricks to secure the top of the frame.

watch how it's done!

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