Noodle Races

Noodle Races
What You’ll Need:

Diecast vehicles
Toothpicks or small dowels
Glue Stick
Large diameter pool noodle
Serrated Knife
Duct Tape

What a great day to race in your backyard! Don’t worry—there won’t be any tire marks on your freshly mowed grass, but there will be a lot of downhill fun! With just a pool noodle and some supplies around the house, you can create a play set that is perfect for your little ones and their diecast vehicles.

Let’s Get Started!

First, cut a pool noodle in half with a serrated knife (parents, be sure to complete this step yourself!) Lay the two pieces side-by-side and cut-side down, then use duct tape to secure them together. Flip them over and you’ve got two lanes!

Now take the card stock to add some flair to your track. Cutout a diamond and fold it in half, then use a glue stick and small pieces of tape to fasten it to the toothpick. Make as many as you’d like and stick them into the sides of the pool noodle.

Cut card stock into a larger, rectangular size to create the “Start” and “Finish” signs. Tape the sign to toothpicks or wooden dowels, then stick them at the top and bottom of your race track.

Prop the noodle on an angle—a chair, steps or table make perfect slopes for fast-paced fun! After the pool noodle racetrack is in place, it’s time to let it rip!

watch how it's done!

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