Traffic Light DIY

Traffic Light DIY
What You’ll Need:

paper towel roll
an empty soup can
construction paper (green, yellow, red and black)
Hot Wheels vehicles

You have your Hot Wheels cars but without the rules of the road, it’s tough for them to get where they’re going! This DIY traffic light will help avoid playtime crashes. It’s fun afternoon project to make and whew, will your pretend drivers be glad you did!

Let’s Get Started!


Evenly fold a piece of cardboard three times so you have four sides. Cut three holes in each side where the colors will eventually show through. Tape the folded cardboard together to make the outside of the light.

Now that you have the light structure, cut a square to fit across the bottom of one end of the structure. Cut a hole in the center of the square and make slits around the opening so it can hold the paper towel roll. Insert the paper towel roll and tape to secure.

Cover the can in black paper. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard and fold it in half. Tape it to the top of the can. This is the tab that turns the different signal light colors.

Cut out red, yellow and green construction paper and tape (or glue) them onto the black paper in an alternating pattern as shown.

Cover the bottom half of the paper towel roll in black paper. Cut cardboard in an X shape and center it at the bottom of the paper towel roll. Tape it securely so the paper towel roll can stand.

Slip the can on top of the paper towel roll and you’re ready to play!

watch how it's done!

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