Parachute Drop Zone

Parachute Drop Zone
What You’ll Need:

Funko Pop! Funkoverse Strategy Game: DC Comics
plastic bag with handles
cardboard (approx. 16" x 16")
children's craft scissors

Uh-oh, there’s a Bat-Signal in the sky. Time to jump into action with this daredevil DIY! It’s fun, it’s easy and there’s really no time to waste.

Gotham City needs help once again. Joker is hidin’ in a remote spot in the city that can only be reached by parachute. Clever clown! We’re gonna show you how to make a parachute and drop zone for Batman. SWOOSH! Game over, Joker!

Let’s Get Started!

Flatten out the plastic bag and snip off the tops of the handles.

Decorate the top of the bag with stickers. We used bat shapes for our favorite crimefighter.

Draw a circle in the center of the cardboard. Draw another circle within the circle. Batman will land on this spot, so be sure to color the circle in.

Cut four pieces of yarn or string at equal lengths, about 12” long. Take one piece and tie it to one corner of the bag. Repeat this step for each corner.

Tie the loose ends of the string to the figure’s arms, so there are two strings tied to each arm. There should be about 8-10” of space between the figure to the bag.

Now that your figure is secure, place your hands underneath the parachute. Position figure over the drop zone you created. Throw your hands up high to release the parachute and launch Batman into adventure!

watch how it's done!

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