LEGO zipline

What You’ll Need:
Classic LEGO bricks
LEGO minifigure
Cord or string

LEGO classic bricks 10692, cord and minifigure

Build a base for your minifigure and don’t forget to leave an opening at the top for the cord to run through.

LEGO minifigure base with opening at top

Tie one end of the cord or string to a doorknob, bannister or elevated location. If your little sightseers prefer a ride with a view, attach the other end to an object with a gradual decline and allow some slack in the cord. For your little daredevils, tie the other end to an object at a steeper decline with a little slack in the cord.

doorknob with tied cord

Remove the top brick of your zipline cruiser and reattach it into the zipline.

LEGO minifigure base with cord

This is a super easy and fun way to add a new element to their LEGO brick adventures.

LEGO minifigure zipline in action

watch how it's done!