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what is a drone?

Unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, sounds a bit out of this world, so you can think of drones as super-fun aerial robots! More specifically, they're multi-rotor devices that you can fly via remote control. They can fly, perform stunts, take videos and more. Flying a drone is a lot of fun, and a cool skill to master!


look before you fly

All of the drones sold at Toys"R"Us come ready to fly, but not every drone is the same. So how do you know which is the right one? There are a few factors to consider: skill level, features and price. To make shopping easier, learn about our three categories of drones:

starter drones

The ultimate gift of awesomeness. Sometimes called toy drones, we recommend these for beginners, as they're small and flown mostly indoors.

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stunt drones

Ready to take it to the skies? Stunt drones are flown outdoors, and include sensors to increase stability, so your drone can dive, roll & more!

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video drones

View your surroundings like never before with a video drone. It can capture vacation landscapes or fun adventures in your own backyard.

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advice for aviators

  • Attach the blade protectors on the drone
    to increase its durability
  • When launching, face in the same direction as the drone–designated by LED lights or the style of the drone
  • Practice launching and hovering a few times
    before flying any farther
  • If your drone drifts in any direction when hovering, you may need to make trim adjustments to correct. See your drone's instruction manual for details
  • When first attempting to fly in different directions, start by tapping the direction stick until you have a feel for the drone
  • If propellers come in contact with anything, throttle down immediately. Do not attempt to fly until the obstruction is removed, to avoid burning out the motor

top picks

Our team is wild about drones, and we've curated a fantastic selection of the best-performing drones with the best value in mind.

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Before take off, check in! The Federal Aviation Administration may require you to register your drone. Learn the rules that apply to your area. See for more information.