outdoor pretend play

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If they’ve got some imagination, they’ve got just about everything they need to have a blast with outdoor pretend play toys. Get cookin’ with toy grills, help out with toy mowers or just tend a pretend garden with tools that teach them all about growing plants! Outdoor pretend toys are a great way to engage their imaginations while developing interests they can use later on in life. LeapFrog outdoor pretend toys, Melissa & Doug backyard pretend toys and KidKraft outdoor pretend toys fuel the fun with playsets and kits designed just for them, to mimic all the things you do around the house and yard. Whether they’re planting next season’s harvest or grillin’ it up on a pretend grill, there’s no way they’ll run out of things to do when they’re engaged in outdoor pretend play. Check out our assortment and get ’em the toys you know they’ll love and maybe sprinkle in a few that might plant a seed of interest in them with just a little play…or a whole lot!