musical toys & instruments

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The benefits of gifting a child with musical instruments are beyond measure! Music inspires curiosity, discovery, physical and social skills and boost self-esteem, just to name a few play benefits. The play value increases with use for musical therapy, too. Musical toys are the perfect accompaniment to the development and growth for babies, toddlers, grade school age and beyond. Curiosity about music and learning to play an instrument all start with musical baby toys. Soft musical toys, like Melissa & Doug Kids Bongo Drums let kids bat the cloth-covered drum to activate the electronic beat or play their own beats. This teaches cause and effect, as well as an introduction to drum beats, music and with added songs, melodies and rhythm. Brands like Baby Einsten, VTech, The Learning Journey and more have lots of musical options for babies, toddlers and older children, too. Piano mats that play as children crawl and walk on them are always a hit. Discover toddler upright pianos, keyboards and percussion instruments, too. They’re fantastic options to keep kids engaged during playtime. Musical therapists love to use percussion instruments like maracas, egg shakers and more.