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Ooey, gooey and so much fun! Slime is an instant favorite, whether it comes as a doll, make your own slime playset or just a big ol’ bucket of the stuff! When they want to have hands-on fun, slime lets them explore their creative side with playsets that use it to drip out of noses (eww!), mold into ice cream and more. Make your own slime activities are a lot of fun and come with loads of accessories to give it a special scent, glitter to really make it dazzle and colorants to make it all kinds of bright colors! Slime is lots of fun to play with and handle on its own, or to add some extra fun to their doll or action figure play! As they experiment with DIY slime kits, they’ll learn about trial and error, following directions, develop their reading comprehension and get rewarded with a big, goopy pile of play! Get their hands on Nickelodeon slime, Play-Doh slime playsets and Poopsie Slime Surprise kits. It’s slime time, and it’s lookin’ SO fun!