interactive dolls & pets

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Set your little one down with an interactive doll or pet and wait only a second for the giggles! Interactive dolls and pets are available with features like talking, lights and sounds, walking and dancing. Give ‘em familiar characters from TV shows and movies they love, like Sesame Street, Disney Frozen and Frozen 2, Dreamworks Trolls, How To Train Your Dragon and The Secret Life of Pets. Toddlers go wild for a Poppy, Elmo or Elsa doll that moves and talks! Introduce little ones to interactive pets that laugh and make cute noises from the Club Petz collection. FurReal pets are made to look lifelike and will keep kids busy, pressing paws, patting their pets’ heads and even feeding them to see what the reaction will be! Choose Little Live Pets for fun songs and amazing movement. Walkalots are the ultimate pet walker, with sounds and a wobbly head and springy tail with every step. Have a brave little kid who loves dinosaurs? The Untamed Radioactive Triceratops roars, chomps and lights up! Wearable interactive pets are great for take-along fun. Fingerlings have cute and funny-faced characters: panda, dolphin, pug, cat, monkey, baby penguin, narwhal, unicorn and even Baby Shark! Look to Little Live Wrapples for super adorable fun kids can take anywhere. Glowing fiber optics catch every kid’s eye, so check out Jambrites, a pet that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker that you can wear! Kids can wear Pomsies Pom Pom dolls around their wrists and play games with them, too. Pixie Belles can be pinned to your child’s clothing for hands-free fun. Dolls that respond to your child’s actions are not only great entertainment, they can act as learning toys, too, as kids figure out over time what each response will be.