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Step right up for easy ways to have a blast at home! Mess around with no-mess coloring pages, try some DIYs, and get their brains workin’ in overdrive with puzzles, word searches and more. This is their stage and it’s their time to shine!

With play, kids learn, families bond and memories are made. ’Nuff said. Let’s go!!

A no-mess, no-stress digital coloring book. Big kids might even wanna give this a try, too!
coloring pages for kids
Your ticket to printable activities including puzzles, coloring pages and LOTS more! Step right up!
free printables for kids

simple Play-Doh compound projects to mold, stretch and shape their imaginations!

DIY activities starring all their faves! These showstoppers add a whole lot more play to the toys they already have.
DIY activities for kids

story time projects

Crafts, snacks and more…all based on their favorite books! These easy projects by our friends at Penguin Random House really bring stories to life.
Think you know lots about toys? Maybe you do! Gather the family and take our quizzes to find out who’s the biggest toy expert!
it's quiz time!

Keep Them Calm and Informed

Schools are closed, we can’t see our friends in person and things sound a little scary. So just what is coronavirus? And how can we keep ourselves safe? Our friends at BrainPOP have created a great video and lesson plan for teachers that explains COVID-19, separates facts from fear and provides easy ways to protect ourselves.
Has your school been closed or do you know a school impacted by COVID-19? Learn how you can sign up for free access to BrainPOP.

Lots more indoor activities from our friends at


even more great ideas

From the living room to the backyard, our friends have ideas to turn your home into the ultimate destination for a great time. Keep the play goin’ from morning ’til dinner time!

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We’d love to see your little star’s creations!

Tag @toysrus and #sharetheplay

We’d love to see your little star’s creations!