bubbles & sidewalk chalk

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Timeless, classic fun is just a few steps away. Grab the bubbles and sidewalk chalk then get ready to give your kiddos the same joy you experienced when you were a kid! Remember blowing bubbles and running along the grass, jumping and popping then? Now they can have the same fun time with a simple toy that provides SO much fun for kids of all ages. Likewise, sidewalk chalk can really unleash their imaginations as they draw, create games and mark up the sidewalk with their own unique art in a rainbow of colors. Play sidewalk chalk games like tic-tac-toe, hopscotch or mark a path for some wheely awesome races! Toss in some bubbles and let them experience childhood magic that’ll stay with them for years to come. When you add sidewalk chalk and bubbles to their outdoor play, you give them the tools to create their own fun and really develop their creativity and imagination!